venerdì 6 dicembre 2013

The Ponches / Riccobellis 7" split out now!

One Chord Wonder is glad to present this new release split 7'' OCW005 brought to you by The Ponches from Torino (Italy) and The Riccobellis from Brescia (Italy).

1- Balls at large
2- Stobbart in Paris

1- Don't hesitate
2- I created a monster

Limited Edition of 150 on Red vinyl:
- hand made cover edition of 15
- hryk special edition of 5
- standard cover edition of 130

CLICK HERE to see all hand made cover, by Tony Kelvin | Pixatonic Design
Digital download included.

The Ponches


One Chord Wonder

Hand made edition by Tony Kelvin


Ramones maniacs, grab a copy as soon as possible writing us at

mercoledì 2 ottobre 2013

Presto di nuovo disponibile lo split 7" Ponches/Bad Lieutenants

Hot news: molto presto lo split "Johnny Terrien & The Bad Lieutenants / The Ponches" sarà di nuovo disponibile...
Su SURFIN' KI RECORDS (ristampa co-prodotta con PIXATONIC Design)

Hot news: soon the split "Johnny Terrien & The Bad Lieutenants / The Ponches" will be back in stock...
Out on SURFIN' KI RECORDS (reprint co-produced with PIXATONIC Design)

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